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Who can benefit from a Virtual Tour?

In today’s challenging times, virtual tours allow for potential clients to experience a venue without experiencing in-person contact. They can be particularly helpful for those that choose to minimize human interaction to keep at risk family members safe.

Wedding Venues

Local and destination wedding venues can provide potential customers with virtual tours 24/7/365. Providing the ability to see the layout and space available can help couples decide on your venue.

Sporting Venues

Arenas and Stadiums can provide fans and customers the ability to see the actual view from many seating positions. This allows them to pick the best seat for the show or event.

Real Estate

Realtors and FSBO can use the power of Virtual Tours to showcase homes 24/7. Most people are using the internet to find homes these days so online photos are paramount in buying and selling. Potential buyers can browse homes during off hours and save driving while house searching.

Hotels & Rental Properties

Give guests a realistic view of the room or property they will be staying at. Show the value they will get by booking you for their vacation destination.

Store Front Business

Small and large businesses can show their storefront, common areas, and showroom to customers. They can provide potential customers with the ability to view the type, amount, and options of goods sold. For businesses to small to have an ecommerce website, allowing people to browse the store will give them an idea of what they can purchase.

Museums & Parks

Museums can show museumgoers the types of attractions they can expect during a visit. Virtual tours can also be used to showcase specific exhibits or save the experience for historical purposes. Potential exhibitors can use virtual tours to get ideas of the space and layouts for future setups. Parks can document specific seasons or plantings.

High Resolution
360° Virtual Tours

High resolution VR images are created by merging multiple photos together. Photos from different angles are “stitched” together to form a complete spherical image.

Wedding venues are great examples of places that could benefit from online virtual tours. The tour of Savannah Station uses 4 high resolution photos.

360° Virtual Tours

Standard Virtual Tours are created using a single shot 360° camera. The photos are not as clear as the high resolution alternative but require minimal editing. With the advancement of 360° cameras, quality virtual tours can be created on a lower budget.

A cabin rental is the perfect place for a virtual tour. These places typically require many photos to make a complete tour. The tour of River Vista Mountain Village RV Park uses 8 standard resolution photos.

All Encompassing Packages

Starting at $250.

  • Consultation about shooting virtual tours and 360 photos.
  • Standard or high resolution 360 photos.
  • Photo editing to remove tripod and photo errors and to enhance color and contrast.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Google My Business validation and setup.
    Correcting and/or updating business info such as hours and contact.
  • Linking and uploading of 360 photos to create virtual tour.
  • Training on how to use photos on social media and Google business services.