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Online virtual tours using 360 degree photography is in its infancy. Its primary use today is for virtual tours such as Google Maps Street View. Businesses can now utilize this same technology and expand Street View using the “See Inside” feature of Google. Other online services such as Zillow real estate listings and Ticketmaster seating views are now using the same technology.

Website Design

Orbicular Media can bridge the gap between businesses and customers by setting up online business profiles on Google, creating virtual tours using 360 degree photography, and establishing an online presence through a modern website and social media. The central hub for all online activity should be your website. It is where you can control how content is distributed to your intended audience. No matter what changes occur with social media formats, your website is the consistent resource of information.

Photography Services

Photography has been an interest of mine for many years. The advent of spherical, or 360 degree, cameras has caused me to turn my interest into a profession.

I also photo shoot sporting events. I am currently an Official Photographer for the Macon Mayhem Hockey Club. My photos are dynamic because I understand the sport. Knowing which directions players will move and where the most action will be helps me get the best shot.



Adjective | or·bic·u·lar | ȯr-ˈbi-kyə-lər -Circular or Sphereical.



noun | me·dia | ˈmē-dē-ə -a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression.